Hebatalla Abouelfadl BSc, MSc, PhD

Dr.Hebatalla F. Abouelfadl was born and educated in Alexandria. She graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts in 1992and in 1998 she earned a MSc in architecture from Alexandria University. In 2002 through a channel system scholarship she earned her Ph.D. in urban design from the Alexandria University in collaboration with Howard University in Washington D.C., United States.

As an Associate Professor, Alexandria University Dr.Abouelfadl teaches architectural design, urban planning and urban design in Faculty of Fine Arts and was responsible for organizing a number of international workshops with different organizations in Germany, Italy and Sweden. She is currently the executive director of the international affairs unit in faculty of fine arts, Alexandria University.

Dr.Abouelfadl has Participated as a Heritage and Housing expert in implementing and adapting the RUSPS Regional Urban Sector Profile Study in Egypt by the UN-Habitat & UTI partnership and as a housing expert she also participated in Preparing Strategic Plans for 4 small cities as part of the small Cities’ Strategic planning project in Egypt, a project by the UN-Habitat & General Organization for Physical Planning (GOPP). In 2011 she was appointed for a year as project director at the General Organization of Physical Planning (GOPP), Ministry of Housing. In addition, she was a partner in Aboulfadl-Elhadary-Elkholy Consulting Office and Participated in designing and managing a substantial number of projects (2007-2010).
In addition to her academic and professional career, Dr.Abouelfadl is an active member of the architecture committee, Supreme Council of Culture, Ministry of Culture. With her twenty years career in the university she is currently the Academic Coordinator for the Double Master
Program “Urban Design – Revitalization of Historic City Districts”, a collaboration between three partner universities, Cairo University, Alexandria University and Brandenburg technical UniversityCottbus, Germany.

As a KEMET’S consultant, Dr.Abouelfadl understands the importance of Art and Design to society and the need for new type of education to enable students to envision paths beyond a single discipline, training them to become flexible thinkers, strong makers, and lifelong learners valuable for the innovation economy.