Sally Halawa BSc, MA, PMC

Sally Halawa is a British –Egyptian, born in the UK. Her parents returned to Egypt where she pursued her studies. In 1994, Halawa graduated from the University of Alexandria with a BSc in Interior Architecture and in 2007 she was selected to receive an educational grant by UNESCO to study Museology and Public Programs at the prestigious University of Leicester in the UK.

She was awarded her MA in 2011. In the interim Halawa obtained a Project Management Certification from Fujitsu Limited in Japan in 2010, having been selected amongst several candidates by the Japan International Cooperation, She is considered to be one of only a few qualified professionals of museology in Egypt.

Mrs Halawa’s professional credentials and her capacity to manage uncertainty while thinking strategically contributed to her assignment to several key positions. In 2007 she was appointed as a General Coordinator for The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization Project owned by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture (with an exhibition areas: 26000sqm), while at the same time acting as Project Administrator for the establishment of a Regional Centre for Traditional Islamic Arts & Crafts Education-Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with the Prince’s School for Traditional Arts, in the UK.

An expert specializing in project /program management, design management, contract negotiation, risk management, operation programs, training, interpretive planning, for a range of projects including residential spaces, cultural projects, educational and industrial/manufacturing facilities, Mrs.Halawa has worked for both the public and private sector including.

Between 2006 till 2014 Mrs.Halawa held several positions at the Grand Egyptian Museum project-MoC (exhibition area is 93,050sqm) as a Museology Specialist, then as an Exhibition Specialist .In addition to her active involvement as team leader of the International Workshop.

For Studying “The Establishment of an Underwater Museum in Alexandria” UNESCO –MoC and the Exhibition of “TrésorsEngloutisd’Egypte” in France, UNESCO –MOC, Paris in 2007.

A strong believer in upgrading education and culture as means to empower insightful sustainable change in societies, Mrs.Halawa is currently the executive manager of KEMET’S primary project, the international art and design institute of Cairo.