Eye Design From Nature For Young Talents!


Last June, KEMET cooperated with The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts (PSTA) to introduce Eye Design from Nature workshop for young talents.

eye_design_side_imgOver the course of 5 weeks, the boys and girls learned how to design from nature’s beautiful forms and how the patterns of traditional art reflect nature’s harmonies and are rooted in the hidden geometry of the natural world. Guided step by step by expert teachers from the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London, they created original designs and produced large-scale individual and collective artworks.

The participants studied and got inspired by designs from different cultures such as Ancient Egypt, China and the Islamic World. They participated in researching, drawing, designing, creating, painting and installing a collaborative final artwork.eye_design_side_img They learned how to draw accurate geometric designs with a compass and straight edge and understand their symbolic meaning; created their own floral compositions from the study of nature and attended field trips to draw form Cairo’s magnificent monuments. In addition, they learned and applied different kinds of painting and colour techniques to different media.

These skills came together in a collaborative process with other pupils and an international team of tutors to design and make large scale pieces of artwork.

Photo Gallery

Watch photos from the workshops and networking event.