IED-KEMET – From Italy Through Egypt: A Non-stop Flow Of Innovation And Creativity

On March 8th, 2017, Kemet in collaboration with IED, launched an event to announce their intent for the introduction of programs and scholarship opportunities offered by IED to Egypt’s creative minds in Design, Fashion and Visual Communication, either for existing undergraduate courses and/or IED Masters, and scholarships opportunities available.

KEMET’s executive director, Sally Halawa opened the conference with a welcoming note to IED and attendees, emphasizing the importance of the collaboration between them, emphasizing IED’s education and its effect and notably on the creative minds in a unique learning experience.

KEMET’s tutors, Hisham el Essawy and Tarek Abdelkawi were on hand to offer the range of possibilities in the creative field and the prospects for the attendees. Ghada Wali, shared her experience with IED, the various topics offered by IED that shaped her studies. Finally, Ivan Mielzarek, IED Area Manager, presented a video message by Alessandro Colombo, Director of IED Florence, explaining IED Programs and scholarship opportunities that will be offered in collaboration with KEMET.

During Q & A session with Ivan Mielzarek on the scholarship opportunities offered by IED, he clarified the topics of interest to the audience, and the requested supporting documents upon application.

The event was quite successful and the floor discussions – with 100+ participants – went smoothly with positive results.