Integrated Learning

Cross-curricula Activities For Teachers And Pupils

The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts and KEMET Art & Design worked together to bring to Cairo a unique education experience for local and international schools.

Integrated Learning isa programme was available to schools interested in creating a strong and holistic connection across curriculum subjects through creative exploration of subjects such as maths, art, history and science. The concept, content and teaching material is based on The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts ‘Harmony Schools programme’.

The ‘Harmony Schools programme’ is centered around a set of inspirational resources which help teachers and students explore the links between different subject areas in the national curriculum.

It engages with local themes and cultural references which help students to engage with the world around them in deeper and more meaningful ways.The resources include activity pages, lesson plans, project plans, information pages, and question pages. They are beautifully and richly illustrated with cross references to National Curriculum requirements. Variations are provided for each activity to facilitate easy adaptation to different age groups as well as challenge exceptional students. The resources are intended to support teachers in meeting their classroom goals without adding more work to an already busy schedule.

Because this programme brought together skills and learning approaches from across the curriculum, students learnt to see how inter-related different areas of their education actually are – mathematics, science, history, design, geography, and culture are all explored and integrated through the medium of art. It helped students who are less comfortable with certain areas of the curriculum find different and creative avenues to approach them.

The Harmony Schools programme is adapted to the needs of schools in diverse settings. In the UK, these resources have been developed to fit around the theme of the four seasons and highlight certain aspect of English history important to the UK national curriculum.

In Azerbaijan, the programme is built around masterpieces of local architecture and traditional stories. In Abu Dhabi, a version of the programme was developed which references artefacts found in museums throughout the UAE. In all locations, it has included professional development sessions for teachers to support them in integrating this approach into their classrooms.

The programme was offered to a select group of schools who can work with the Prince’s school to establish the brand of‘Integrated Learning’in Egypt.

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