Memorandum Of Understanding Formalising the Cooperation Between The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts and Kemet Art & Design

The Partnerships aims to work cooperatively towards the development and delivery of art and design education programmes in Cairo, Egypt.
The Programme envisions this partnership to offer young generations of Egyptians a flexible, exciting and international learning environment that will integrate Egypt’s vast cultural and artistic heritage beyond historical and religious assumptions through learning the universal and timeless principles of art & design.

Aims:The aims of this partnership are to:

  • Contribute to the establishment of an Art & Design Institute that leads the development of education for creative industries in the region.
  • Draw upon Egypt’s rich craftsmanship and its visual and artistic heritage.
  • Build an understanding of the language of traditional arts through the study of the key elements of art in the context of Egypt’s heritage and the world’s great art traditions.
  • Contribute to the knowledge of the language of traditional art among young Egyptians who study art & design, established art professionals and teachers.
  • Enable young Egyptians to engage with their cultural heritage through integrated ‘design and make’ workshops and programmes.
  • Generate interest towards the continuity and renewal of traditional arts and crafts skills.
  • Instil awareness of the vital importance of cultural heritage in the contemporary context of Egypt.
  • Offer analytical drawing techniques and other relevant studies to support the craftsmanship of contemporary art works.

The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts

The School is a registered charity in the United Kingdom centred on its postgraduate MA and PhD programmes and reaching out to different sectors of the community in the United Kingdom and internationally to promote the universal principles in the traditional arts of the great civilisations of the world and promoting their relevance and meaning in today’s world.

For over twenty years The School has provided education programmes for emerging artists in the field of traditional arts and crafts. Based in London, The School has a global reach and attracts students from around the world to undertake study at postgraduate level. By equipping the next generation of artists with the same skills and design practice as the master craftsmen of the past, The School aims to ensure the continuation of these art forms, whilst encouraging innovation to make these traditional art practices relevant to contemporary society.

The School has pioneered the research and education of the field of the education of the arts and architecture of the Islamic world through its unique post graduate programme which combines the practical and theoretical education of the arts and architecture. Over the last ten years The School has extended this educational experience through its Outreach Programme and now has a presence in several countries including Egypt, China, Azerbaijan, Canada, Qatar, Malaysia and Abu Dhabi amongst others.

Kemet Art & Design

KEMET Art and Design Institute, established in Cairo, Egypt is actively supporting educa¬tion, capacity building and cultural awareness. KEMET aims to be a pioneering institute in Cairo and the Region that works on developing the creative industries through offering a well-designed process of upgrading the quality of education, notably creativity, design thinking and practical skills.

KEMET is investing in Egypt’s educational and economic future by addressing the gap in visual and experiential education. It seeks to create a learning environment that is designed to advance the methods in design and business education, to meet real world practice and lead insightful change in society.

Through certificate programs, short course and precollege summer courses, KEMET offers practical and hands-on programs providing a variety of essential skills to support creative, technical, critical thinking and business management skills necessary to fully engage in the chosen field of interest. Our programs also recognise and respond to a range of desired learning outcomes and to the lifelong learning needs of non-traditional students who seek professional development, career change, and enrichment, offering flexibility to appeal across the community.

This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) dated September 2015 and is effective for a period of 3 years.