Two Of The D&AD Legends Lead 2 Sessions At KEMET Art & Design For Two Days

“Back in the day, people had weeks or months to come up with a creative idea for a promotion. They would think of that one cool thing for weeks and work on shooting it for a TV commercial or a billboard for months. Today, things are just so much faster. Working in digital media means you have to be ready to pull a rabbit out of a hat”

“A day in your Digital Strategy Life” by the Digital Media industry expert Christopher Lee Ball who designed this session to help any organization prepare a digital future where everything is connected

The 2nd workshop lead by the Award- winning writer and Creative Director Will Awdry “Writing for Advertising” where you learn how to unlock the creative write in you.

“You can’t teach dynamic linguistics and you certainly wouldn’t sign up to it. But, in the inevitable plug for D&AD’s writing course, you can create conditions in which consenting adults can reach for new written expression from within themselves. Experience tells that it is not difficult to unlock. The results are the very opposite of austerity-tinged workplace language, tired and diminished code that it has become.”

Photo Gallery

Watch photos from the “A day in your Digital Strategy Life” workshop and networking event.

Photo Gallery

Watch photos from the “Writing for Advertising” workshop and networking event.