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Improve your skills and stand out! This course introduces you to the fundamentals of digital painting, utilising different techniques of sketching & colouring in Adobe Photoshop, as well as a combination of both traditional and digital media to be applied to painting characters, landscapes, and lettering. By the end of the course, you will be able to utilize Photoshop more effectively to transform your ideas into compelling images.
Course outline:
Day 1-2: Introduction
Introduction to various effective tools for painting, brush customization, layering, creating surface textures and efficient workflow in Photoshop.
Day 3-4: Basic rendering
Practicing sketching techniques and applying tonal variations to render planar and curvilinear forms.
Day 5-6: Characters
Taking character rendering from basic sketching and up to final painting.
Day 7-8: Environment design
Using various approaches of brush customization, photo manipulation, as well as plein air painting to create landscapes.
Day 9-10: Project
Working individually for more personalized feedback on each project.
Who is this course for:
– concept artists
– character designers
– graphic designers
– animators

كيف تجعل من أفكارك حقائق مرئية؟

كورس كيمت فى التلوين الرقمي يدرب عقلك على الوصول لأفكار تساعدك فى ابتكار شخصيات وتحريكها باستخدام التقنيات الرقمية

لمن هذا الكورس؟

لكل من يريدون التعرف على احدث التقنيات لتخصيص الفرشاة، التصفيف، واضافة تأثيرات النسيج والعمل بكفاءة على الفوتوشوب.

التقديم الأساسي: التدريب على وضع المخططات وتطبيق مختلف انواع التقديم مستو والاشكال المنحنية

التلوين: تطبيق الألوان من خلال اقترابات مختلفة وتحت تأثيرات ضوئية مختلفة

رسم الشخصيات:تعليم رسم الشخصيات من مرحلة التخطيط الى اخر مراحل التلوين

تصميم البيئة المحيطة: استخدام اقترابات مختلفة فى تخصيص الفرشاة، والتلاعب

بالصور، ورسم الهواء الطلق لرسم مناظر الطبيعية


Tarek AbdelKawi:
Tarek Abdelkawi is a multi-disciplinary Artist, with exceptional talent as an illustrator and designer, alongside his passion for music.
Tarek is an Architect by training, currently teaching Illustration at the American University in Cairo. He is considered one of the few artist in Egypt who brilliantly combines traditional drawing methods with up-to-date graphic software.
You can check out his work at:

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10 sessions


2800 EGP


KEMET Art & Design studios’, Jameel Building, 2nd Floor, Greek Campus, Downtown.