Graphic Design Fundamentals Short Course


Workshop Description

Transform real-life objects into the digital world! This workshop introduces you to the basics of graphic design. It explores the role of design and the designer in this fast-paced digital era. By engaging in hands-on activities, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the field. Get ready to develop your own project from concept to delivery!

What this workshop covers:

– Typography
– Image-making methodologies and systems
– Publication design and poster design
– Professional logo package design and typeface design
– Final project

Who the workshop is for

– Creative talents who want to build their portfolio or develop their work
– Beginners who are interested to develop their passion for graphic design
– Anyone who wants to pursue a career in graphic design.
– Pre-college students
– Students intending to study graphic design


No previous experience needed for this course.


Participants are responsible and requested to bring their own laptops with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign pre-installed.

Book Your Seat

Session leader

Sherine Osman


December 25th – January 4th (25th, 27th, 28th, 3rd, 4th & 5th)


6 pm – 10 pm


Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


6 sessions (24 hrs.)


KEMET Studios, Greek Campus (Old AUC Building), Tahrir


2,000 EGP

Refund Policy

  • 70% refund of paid amount 15 days before first day of course.
  • 30% refund of paid amount 7 days before first day of course.
  • 100% nonrefundable one week before first day of course.

Sherine Osman

Sherine Osman

Sherine Osman is a global artist who spent her childhood in Germany, France, Vietnam and Rwanda. While abroad, she participated in many art exhibitions and continued to do so when she relocated to Cairo. There, she pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from the American University in Cairo. Right before graduation, her mentor and thesis supervisor, Dr. Nagla Samir told her: “If you were born and left without any education, you would have become an artist.” With such an exceptional talent, Sherine went on to tutor students from Lycée Français du Caire and is currently a teacher at Malvern College Egypt. Her passion for art and how it can heal people, combined with her unique international exposure, continue to be at the heart of her work.