Interior design diploma


Course Description:

The Interior Designer deals with the spaces inside buildings. The role of the Interior Designer is to create interiors with spatial qualities that are habitable for people on all levels of experience: aesthetically, functionally, psychologically and economically. The aim is to achieve comfort and efficiency; spaces that answer the needs of the client. Therefore the Interior Designer is concerned with the layout, finishes, details, furnishings and lighting of such spaces in new buildings or as part of refurbishment projects.

Diploma Objectives

– Introduced to the elements and principles of design that are used to create harmonious and balanced interiors.
– Learn how to support your creative knowledge with the practical application that ensures success from the start of a project through to completion.
– Develop your knowledge of different structures, common problems to their solutions, so that you can communicate clearly with clients, suppliers and trades people.
– Develop your ‘designer’s eye’ and understand how to apply the knowledge and create inspirational designs for home and work environments.
– Discover how to apply the design elements to your spatial planning and in concepts, considering furniture layouts to suit the intended function of the space.
– Learn how to visually present ideas to your client by creating mood boards
– Learn how to support your creative knowledge with the practical application that ensures success from the start of a project through to completion.
– Ensure that your proposals and management skills will bring work in on schedule and budget for any design project, whether for yourself or for a client.
– Gain confidence and skills to work professionally in the design industry.

Who the course is for:

– Creative and the sort of person who likes organizing the spaces you occupy
– Good at visualizing three-dimensional space and have a good eye for interesting and appropriate textures, colors and surfaces
– Tend to note whether a room is well designed and presented
– The type of person that is sensitive to spatial change and effect
– Interested in both art and technology and enjoy facing a challenge with personal creative solutions
– If you are interested in the design of and appearance of furniture, then a career in Interior Design may be just what you are looking for

Grading for Receiving Certification:

Participants will receive their certificates of Course or Diploma Completion only if they have:
– Attended 75% of the total hours required
– Completed 75% of the class exercises and take home assignments
– Completed and submitted their final project if any , with approval of the session leader


Up on your registration, you will receive an email with the required material for the course.


For more information and registration, please send us an email to or call us on 01111 6166 11

Book Your Seat

Session leader

Hisham El-Essawy


February 25th – July 8th


10 am – 3 pm


20 sessions



price :

9,500 EGP


KEMET Studios, Greek Campus (Old AUC building), Tahrir

Refund Policy

  • 80% refund of paid amount 10 days before first day of course
  • 50% refund of paid amount 5 days before first day of course
  • 100% nonrefundable 5 days before first day of course

Hisham El-Essawy

Hisham El-Essawy

Hisham El-Essawy is the first Egyptian to be certified from the EU as a professional interior architect and product design instructor. He is also the co-founder of the Egyptian Designers Guild. After graduating from the Faculty of Arts in Zamalek, Hisham pursued further studies at the MobelAkademie in Berlin and Minnesota University in the US. Upon returning to Egypt, he worked as a consultant for the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade and has co-instructed hundreds of workshops alongside the world class designer Michael Schneider. With fifteen years of experience in the industry, he offers his students scientific, hands-on experience and guides them to effective.