Type Design

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Ali Almasry and his work


The workshop will provide insights on the basic concepts of type design. You will be introduced to the whole process, as it starts with creating the brief, which defines the purpose of a typeface.

The workshop will introduce the Arabic calligraphic stroke and its impact on designing letter forms, as well as a general background on the various styles of Arabic calligraphy.

what the course does?

You will learn letter drawing techniques using traditional mediums such as paper and pen, as well as Digital drawing methods using Bezier curves, on Adobe Illustrator and glyphs app. The process of transferring your sketches to computer will be demonstrated in details.

Through the workshop every participant will be able to complete the basic group of characters which lays the basis of a new typeface.

Who is it for?

This workshop is aimed at students and professionals who are planning to deepen their background and boost their skills in typography and type design.


This course is open to all levels from professionals to beginners.


The Greek campus, in the heart of Cairo’s creative industries and historical heritage. The perfect location to offer art and design-based courses.


25th till 27th February 2016


3 days.


10:00 am till 4:00 pm


1500 EGP

Number of students

up to18 participant

Age group


Ali Almasri

Ali Almasri

Ali Almasri is a type and graphic designer who holds multiple degrees in graphic and industrial design. His portfolio is very diverse, across the area of branding and corporate identities, interactive media design, print design, and type design. At the same time, his practices encompass experimentation with multiple digital and analogue media. He seeks to explore new visual languages, relating in particular to the Arabic visual culture with a specific focus on the Arabic letter.

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