Diploma Information

Gain all you need to pursue a career in the fashion industry! This diploma takes

you from the fundamentals of fashion design to the advanced techniques. It

covers draping, sewing, drawing, designing, styling and marketing. Through

practical projects and activities, participants sharpen their technical skills and

develop their own designs and style. By the end of the diploma, you are equipped

with the knowledge, skills, tips and tricks of the professional fashion world.

Their final products will be bold, sophisticated and professional!

Some of the topics covered:

– Draping

– Sewing

– Drawing

– Designing

– Styling

– Marketing

Who the diploma is for:

– Anyone who has a passion for fashion

– Individuals interested in pursuing a career in fashion design and making

– Talented entrepreneurs who want to create their own fashion brand

وصف الورشة

تعرف على كل ما تختاجه لتبدأ مشوارك الاحترافي بمجال تصميم الأزياء! ستأخذك الورشة في رحلة معرفية

متكاملة بداية من أسس التصميم وحتى الأساليب المتقدمة للمحترفين. ستغطي الورشة مواضيع الحياكة، الخياطة،

التخطيط، الرسم، التصميم، التنفيذ، والتسويق. سيطور المشتركين من مهاراتهم ويحسنوا من مستوى تصاميمهم

بدرجة كبيرة من خلال العديد من المشاريع العملية على مدار الورشة. بنهاية الورشة، ستنال المعرفة، الحرفة،

المهارة والأساليب التي تؤهلك للمستوى الاحترافي في مجال تصميم الأزياء. ستجد أن تصاميمك بنهاية الورشة،

ستكون غاية في الجمال، القوة والدقة.

بعض المواضيع التي ستغطيها الورشة:


-الخياطة والثني.

-التخطيط والرسم.



لمن تقدم الورشة؟

-من لديهم الشغف بمجال تصميم الأزياء.

-المهتمين ببداية مشوارهم الاحترافي بمجال تصميم الأزياء.

-رواد الأعمال الطموحين، ممن يريدون بدء صيحاتهم ويصنعون اسماً لتصاميمهم الخا



Walid Khairy

Walid Khairy is an established Fashion Designer with years of success in the industry. He graduated from

Cairo’s Institut Technique De La Mode, affiliated with Ecole De La Chambre Syndicale De La Couture

Parisienne, and was immediately accepted to work at Marie Louis. His portfolio also includes designs for

global and local brands such as “Augusta Vaber” and “Mardini Group”. Khairy’s smart-casual street wear

collections are playful and strong, with vibrant confidence and energetic colors that have a definite staying

power for years to come.  He continues to experiment with his creative streak and tutors emerging designers,

to transfer his knowledge and expertise.

Battoul Shamsi

Battoul Shamsi is a seasoned professional in the fashion industry. She graduated from the American

University in Cairo with a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication and studied Fashion Design at the School of

Chambre Syndicale De La Coutoure Paresianne. She further pursued her passion for fashion by working

with SOUCHA, one of the world’s most influential Haute Couture fashion designers. She is currently an

Instructor of Fashion Industry and Styling, where she empowers students to launch their careers in styling.

Battoul is no doubt an expert in the field with a unique blend of local and international experience.

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8 months – 240 hours (60 sessions)


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