Diploma Description

An interior designer is much more than just a decorator. He or she is an artist, a stage designer, a producer of invigorating spaces that nurture the spirit and stimulate the mind. This diploma will pave your career as an interior designer and prepare you to excel in the field.It introduces you to the visual language of design, the psychology of colors and the design process. It also covers the history of style design, architecture and furniture design. You will get to interact with different materials and details such as door handles, wall coverings, lightings, furnishing and fabrics and work on fun, engaging projects. By thinking people and not rooms, you will learn how to design harmonious and balanced interiors on a professional level.

Some of the topics covered

– The visual language of design
– Colors and interior design process
– The history of style design, architecture and furniture design
– Working with clients
– Interior design tools
– Sustainable design and green architecture
– Coloring, drafting and woodology
– Building standards, documentation and contract negotiation
– Portfolio and presentation techniques

The diploma is for you if you are

– Creative and the sort of person who likes organizing the spaces you occupy
– Good at visualizing three-dimensional space and have a good eye for interesting and appropriate textures, colors and surfaces
– Tend to note whether a room is well designed and presented
– The type of person that is sensitive to spatial change and effect
– Interested in both art and technology and enjoy facing a challenge with personal creative solutions
– If you are interested in the design of and appearance of furniture, then a career in Interior Design may be just what you are looking for

Diploma Tutor
Hisham El-Essawy

Hisham El-Essawy is the first Egyptian to be certified from the EU as a professional interior architect and product design instructor. He is also the co-founder of the Egyptian Designers Guild. After graduating from the Faculty of Arts in Zamalek, Hisham pursued further studies at the MobelAkademie in Berlin and Minnesota University in the US. Upon returning to Egypt, he worked as a consultant for the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade and has co-instructed hundreds of workshops alongside the world class designer Michael Schneider. With fifteen years of experience in the industry, he offers his students scientific, hands-on experience and guides them to effective.