Interior Design for Architects Diploma

Focused on research, application of methodologies, and integrating both human and functional aspects, this advancedinterior design diploma for architectsapproaches different spaces and scales, from context to detail by going to site visits, utilizing CAD software and creating a final project. You will get to explore and design the layout and furnishing of various architectural interior projects including; residential, retail and public, while taking into consideration both the decorative aspects of the space around you and the knowledge and quality of the material used.

Class Scheduling

Twice a week (days depend on schedule).


9 weeks (18 sessions).

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn the elements and principles of interior design including colour theory, trends, usage of different finishing materials, artwork in spaces and the behaviour usage of space. Throughout the diploma Architects will have many assignments to practice what they have learned off site and during the site visit. They will apply integrated design and furniture design theories, englobed by sustainable design as part of their environmental responsibility as professionals of the field of construction and design.

Qualification Obtained

KEMET Diploma

Job Prospects

Some of the Jobs directly related to this diploma:

  • Architect
  • Interior& Spatial Designer
  • Urban Designer
  • Commercial/residential surveyor
  • Estates Manager

Access to Further Studies

Using their outcome projects, and founded knowledge participants can apply to the brand diploma and/orapply to master’s programs.

Course Language

The course material is in English. Class discussions will be held in both English and Arabic.

Qualifications required for enrolment

You must have studied/or is currently studying architecture or have experience in this field.

Target Students

The Interior Design Diploma for Architects is the perfect opportunity for the people who have a foundation of knowledge in architecture and want to expand their scope or venture into the related field of interior design. It is for the ones who have studied or are currently studying Architecture, therefore who already have experience on building sites and want to look at different aspects of it from the scope of interior layout, lighting, colours and themes while designing the inside of spaces.

Grading System

Participants will receive their certificates of Course or Diploma Completion only if they have:

  • Attended 75% of the total hours required
  • Completed 75% of the class exercises and take-home assignments
  • Completed and submitted their final project if any, with approval of the session leader

Enrolment Process

You may register via email or phone call:,

Enrolment Fees


Age Requirement

Applicants must be 21 years and above.

Language Requirement

Applicants must have a high to intermediate level of English in order to enrol in the program.

Course Withdrawal

  • If the student wishes to withdraw from the diploma/ course within a maximum period of 10 days prior to the beginning of the course, 20% of the total value of the diploma/course will be deducted and the remaining amount will be refunded if any.
  • If the student wishes to withdraw from the diploma/course within a maximum period of 5 days before the start of the diploma/ course, 50% of the total value of the training course will be deducted and the remaining amount will be refunded if any.
  • You cannot refund the amounts paid after the expiry date (4 days or less before the start of the diploma/course).

Course Cancellation

Courses that do not reach the minimum number of confirmed participants may be cancelled. If a course is cancelled, the student will be notified by telephone or email and will have the option to select another course or request a full refund of all fees paid.

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9 weeks (18 sessions).


12,750 EGP


KEMET Art & Design Studios’, Jameel Building, 2nd Floor, Greek Campus,