“KEMET” Leaner Handbook

  • Registration and Enrolment

    1) Interested applicants may request further information via email, phone call or at campus
    Contact info:
    2) Applicant shall be requested to fill a registration form.
    3) Course/diploma enrollment shall only be confirmed by payment of fees 5 days prior to its start date.
    4) Applicants should make sure they have read carefully the program outline, requirements, rules and regulations and agree to them prior to starting their course/diploma.
    5) After the confirmation of enrollment, a welcome email shall be sent two days prior to the course/diploma start date.
    6) Followed by joining instructions and the materials list distributed via email two days prior to the course/diploma starting date or during the first starting day.
    7) Participants shall be required to submit a copy of their ID to share with the Greek campus security gates.
    8) Participants shall be offered an orientation presentation or talk for 10 minutes during the first session of their program.

  • Payment Method

    1) Applicants may pay by a bank deposit/transfer or in cash at the campus.
    2) All course/diploma fees must be paid in full on the first day of the course/diploma, unless stated otherwise.
    3) If payment is made by a bank deposit/transfer, participants must write their names, the name of the program they wish to enroll in and the expected starting date of the course/ diploma on the bank receipt.
    4) Participants that pay over installments must respect the stated due dates.
    5) Late payments of installments shall subject participants to suspension from class till due amounts are paid.

  • Grading and Evaluation

    1) Participants will receive their certificates of diploma completion only if they have:
    – Attended 75% of the total hours required
    – Completed 75% of the class exercises and take-home assignments
    – Completed and submitted their final project if any, and approval by teaching tutor
    2) Participants’ performance shall be continuously assed before/after each milestone of the course/diploma.
    3) Participants’ that are repeatedly absent or do not submit their work in a timely manner and with acceptable quality, shall be reported by the teaching tutor to KEMET’s student support team, for further follow up and investigation.
    4) Participants shall have the opportunity to request their evaluation sheet upon a written request.

  • Code of Conduct

    1) KEMET is part of the Greek Campus community, and all our participants have to respect the campus rules and regulation with respect to security and code of conduct.
    2) KEMET reserves the right to take appropriate actions to remedy infringements listed below which may lead, if the infringement is considered to be of a grave nature, to the dismissal of the person or persons committing the infringement/s. In addition, KEMET may refuse admission to a student on the same grounds.
    3) Violent, indecent, disorderly, threatening, intimidating or offensive behavior or language (whether expressed verbally or in writing, including blogs, social media websites and/or other electronic means.
    4) Any act of disrespect or violence verbal and nonverbal toward the tutors, fellow participants or KEMET staff.
    5) Bullying or harassment of any participant, member of staff of KEMET, any visitor, on the grounds of sex, race, disability or other grounds.
    6) Anything thing or action that may considered a safety hazard.
    7) KEMET reserves the right to withdraw a student from any program or course at any time should it be determined that the student’s conduct has the effect or purpose of interfering with others’ work or academic performance or of creating an intimidating, threatening or hostile environment for work or study.

  • Facility, Class Rooms and Services Usage

    When registering for a course/diploma at KEMET you shall have access to our facility, network, tools, etc. subsequently participants are kindly requested to adhere to:
    – Keep class rooms tidy at all times and tidy up after sessions and before leaving.
    – To use the tools wisely and tidy them up prior to finishing your sessions.
    – To report any missing tools to your instructor.
    – To use facility space, equipment and machines with care without causing any damage                       (including studios, furniture, machinery, all existing materials and supplies). An amount                 EGP 200 shall be collected as an insurance retainer to be refunded after completion the                   course/diploma, unless damage was caused.
    – If participants leave any of their belongings, material or equipment at KEMET, KEMET                   shall not be held responsible if lost or missing.
    – Please keep a name tag on your belongings at all times
    – KEMET reserves the right to get rid of any material, projects or documents left at their                     premises one month after course/ diploma is completed.

  • Course Withdrawal and Refund

    1) 80% refund of paid amount 10 days before first day of program
    50% refund of paid amount 7 days before first day of program
    30% refund of paid amount 5 days before first day of program
    Deduction shall be calculated on full program fees
    2) Courses/diploma that have started regardless of non-completion cannot be refunded.
    3) For internationals participants, cancellations due to an unsuccessful visa application are
    not eligible for a refund.
    4) All fees are non-transferable to another student.

  • Change or Cancellation

    1) Courses that do not reach the minimum number of confirmed participants, may be cancelled. If a       course is cancelled, the applicants shall be notified by telephone or email and shall have the                 option to select another course or request a full refund of all fees paid.
    2) KEMET reserves the right to change or replace if required the teaching tutor, with substitute of           equal standing should illness or emergency prevent a program tutor from teaching,
    3) Sometimes programs may be rescheduled, enrolled participants shall be notified ahead and shall have the option to select another program or request a full refund of all fees paid.

  • Communication Channels

    Please use the following channels for the below affairs

    1) Inquires
    For inquires and registrations

    2) Student affairs
    For student affairs
    Studentssupport@kemetartsdesign.com You shall state your concern or inquiry and a
    written response shall be sent to you or a meeting shall be scheduled within 48 working

  • Student Affairs

    1) Freezing, Transfers and Change Requests
    2) If a participant wishes to freeze his/her enrollment or continuation of a course /diploma they         have to send a written request with reason for freezing request. The request is subject to                   approval by KEMET student support team. Participants may request a freeze registration up           to 6 months. All discounts and/or benefits programs will not apply when rejoining the class             and the student will need to pay for the remaining fees. The participant shall be enrolled with         the running course/diploma at KEMET at that time.
    3) In case of postponement for medical reasons, the participants must provide a medical report           with the condition and the need to freeze. KEMET will provide a period of 6 months to                     reschedule the program for the student, once ready to proceed the participant shall be                       enrolled with the running course/diploma at KEMET at that time.
    4) Any change or transfer requests of course/diploma or tutor during a running course, shall be        subject to an investigation first by KEMET student support team, and they reserve the right to        accept or refuse as they see fit. A written response shall be communicated to the participants          with proposed alternative actions. (Within 10 working days).
    5) Participants who wish to change or transfer my bear additional fees, in return for the change           or transfer request.
    5) No change requests will be accepted after finishing 25% of any course/diploma.
    6) KEMET deals with any enrolled who wishes to change from one course/diploma to another to       another as a new request, the student must pay the new program full fees.
    7) Tutors complaints
    For resolution of complaints of a tutor’s academic performance or behavior, participants must       show accountable evidence, then tutor shall be notified of the complaint for further                           investigation and resolution
    8) Class time
    Participants must respect course time, any delay after the session starts for more than 30                 minutes, without a communicated excuse to KEMET administration, the participant shall be           considered absent.
    9) Absence
    Participants are required to attend 75% of the total course/diploma hours
    If a participant is absent more than 3 times, without a justified excuse, a notice email shall be         sent