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“Art is life and life is art” as stated by the Japanese artist Yoko Ono; art and life cannot be separated. Art education is fundamental for the development of each human being; it is a different language that has a huge impact on anyone’s life.

Thus combining the freedom of Art and the thinking solutions of Design is the greatest combination for the creative development.

Field Trips

A day in the Museum (Egyptian Museum)
After visiting the Egyptian Museum, students will use their sketches to create a modern visual.
A day with Nature (Wadi Degla)
Using elements from nature, students will create and develop shapes inspired by nature out of positive and negative spaces and light and shade.
Design topics covered in this program;

Topic 1: Design and Packaging
Dates are always among the Egyptian regime, participants are required to design the packaging of the already created date candy.

Topic 2: Illustration and Photography
Using 2 characters and an animal, students are asked to create a story and illustrate it.

Topic 3: Material power
Learning a new technique with tissues and glue, students will create trays made out of tissue collage.
Students will be required to design jars as their night light.
Girls will create pom-pom hair ties and the boys will create key chains.

Character design
Using different emotions, students will create mugs with faces.
Students will be required to invent an Egyptian God.

using their feel and touch experience at wadi degla, participants will then design a texture from an animal.

Who the course is for
Anyone with little to no understanding of Art and Design
Creative individuals
Young talents who wish to draw and explore their artistic self


Sherine Osman:

Sherine Osman is a global artist who spent her childhood in Germany, France, Vietnam and Rwanda. While abroad, she participated in many art exhibitions and continued to do so when she relocated to Cairo. There, she pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from the American University in Cairo. Right before graduation, her mentor and thesis supervisor, Dr. Nagla Samir told her: “If you were born and left without any education, you would have become an artist.” With such an exceptional talent, Sherine went on to tutor students from Lycée Français du Caire and is currently a teacher at Malvern College Egypt. Her passion for art and how it can heal people, combined with her unique international exposure, continue to be at the heart of her work.

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10 sessions


2000 EGP Material: 600 EGP


KEMET Studios, Greek Campus (Old AUC Building), Tahrir