Oil Painting Course


The Painting course is where you blend the traditional and the experimental ways of creation to produce creative hand-painted pieces of art using different brushes and strokes techniques. You will learn about color harmony, structure, aesthetic value and how to produce realistic and abstract pieces through Oil Painting. The main tool in this course is oil paint and its pairing with acrylic colors where you will learn different techniques and painting styles to expand and explore your artistic expression through the creation of portraits. By the end of the course, you will be able to communicate effectively and inventively using brushes and paint.

Class Scheduling

Once or twice a week (days depend on scheduling).

Learning Objectives

  •  How compose an Oil Painting
  • Understand oil paints and the techniques  to create artworks
  • Fundamentals of how to create depth to an oil painting.
  • Fundamentals of highlighting and blending oil paint on canvas.
  • Students will learn how to draw a correct under drawing for the painting.
  • How to combine colors to getting  flesh tones.
  • Understanding how to use broad range of brushstrokes and palette knifes for different effects

Job Prospects

Some of the Jobs directly related to this course;

  • Illustrator
  • Art Teacher
  • Painter
  • Animator
  • Production Artist

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KEMET Art & Design Studios
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