Precollege Programs

This workshop trained the eyes to see, the mind to imagine and the talent to inspire. Its main focus was not on how to use the camera, but on how to design, capture and edit a scene.

This course introduced the different disciplines and career choices in the fashion design industry. It took participants on a journey through the principles and different fields in the field.

This course aimed to introduce essential design basics, concentrating specifically on interactions with sites, like sketching, photographing and site measuring.

Our Yung Guns designed their own portfolios! Through a balance of theory and practice, they gained practical experience and enhanced their creative skills.

The beautiful designs produced in this course were inspired by natural phenomenon such as the movement of planet’s and Egypt’s rich cultural heritage.

In collaboration with The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, our young talents learned how to design from nature’s beautiful forms and to produce patterns rooted in the hidden geometry of the natural world.