Professional Development

In this workshop, participants examined the aesthetic and practical elements of advanced furniture design. 

Our Fashion Stylist Consulting course introduced participants to the secrets of the trade and the emerging styles around the world.

Participants took their first steps into the world of graphic design! They mastered its basics and discovered gripping concepts, like how visual communication works and how meaning is formed.

It was all about bringing ideas to life using digital painting! This course focused on four main areas: basic rendering, painting, character design and environment design.

From door handles, to floor coverings and fabrics, participants learned the essentials of interior design. They produced original and invigorating spaces that radiated peace and positivity.

This is where imagination becomes reality! Participants learned how to skillfully express their ideas, characters and personalities using software programs and digital techniques.

Modern Technology can be so much fun and can make your job easier, through The Digital Painting course, participants were able to create their own characters with a fantasy landscape and learning different techniques of sketching & coloring in Adobe Photoshop.

“A Day in your Digital Strategy Life” helped organizations prepare a digital future where everything is connected, while “Writing for Advertising” taught participants how to unlock their inner creative writers.

The workshop provided insights on the basic concepts of type design. It introduced them to the whole process, from creating a brief to completing the basis of a new typeface.

For three consecutive days Cairo was lit up with Britain’s creative minds. Kemet art and design rose up to their promise and hosted the one and only D&AD for an exceptional marathon sponsored by Renault.