Previous Courses

This course introduced participants to the basics of graphic design and to concepts like how visual communication works and how meaning is formed.

This course introduced the participants to the fundamentals of digital painting.

This course introduced participants to the basic principles of interior design.

It’s time to design your own portfolio! If you are a high school student with a dream university or career, Kemet will guide your way.

KEMET’s Illustration Course has focused on training the participants to bring their ideas, characters and personalities to life using both traditional and digital techniques.

The movements of the planets, their distances and relationships together have proven a rich sourceof inspiration to architects and artists of all cultures for generations.

This course aimed to introduce essential design basics, concentrating specifically on interactions with sites, like sketching, photographing and site measuring.

Modern Technology can be so much fun and can make your job easier, through The Digital Painting course, participants were able to create their own characters with a fantasy landscape and learning different techniques of sketching & coloring in Adobe Photoshop.

“Back in the day, people had weeks or months to come up with a creative idea for a promotion. They would think of that one cool thing for weeks and work on shooting it for a TV commercial or a billboard for months. Today, things are just so much faster. Working in digital media means you have to be ready to pull a rabbit out of a hat”

The workshop provided insights on the basic concepts of type design. introduced the whole process, as it starts with creating the brief, which defines the purpose of a typeface.

For three consecutive days Cairo was lit up with Britain’s creative minds. Kemet art and design rose up to their promise and hosted the one and only D&AD for an exceptional marathon sponsored by Renault.

Last June, KEMET cooperated with The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts (PSTA) to introduce Eye Design from Nature workshop for young talents.