The certificates program awards a certificate attesting to successful completion of a sequence of short courses in which students master the art and craft of a specified field of study. More importantly, the students are introduced to the skills required to open and operate a successful creative business. Taught by design

professionals, they will share their knowledge and knowhow in the various creative enterprises, giving our students the essential tools to navigate skillfully the complexities of operation and business aspects. The students may choose either to complete the certificate requirement or take the courses independently.

Interior Design and Decoration

Taking into account varying levels of ability and experience, this program allows for a smooth and supported progression of practical skills and knowledge needed to work in interior design and decoration.

Graphic and Advertising Design

Through this course students should learn how to communicate their message with the elements in graphic design and master industry-standard tools. In addition they could choose from a range of electives in new media and web design to prepare them for today’s demanding market.

Fashion Design

This course is aimed at those who wish to engage in aspects of the fashion design process. It provides students with a foundation in the construction and graphic skills necessary for a career in fashion design and related industries. Topics covered include design sketching, colour theory construction techniques, fabric selection and textiles in addition to hands-on practice on the complexities of production.

Keyboard, cup of coffee and printed paper
Wireframe model

Art and Business

Through a diverse program of learning methods, including lectures, case studies and study visit students should learn the essential knowledge and latest trends business in the world of art enabling them to navigate skilfully the complexities of operation, business aspects. Taught by professionals, sharing their knowledge and knowhow the students are introduced to the skills required to open and operate a successful Art business.

Performing Art and Media Production

During the second year of the Institutes ‘program, KEMET intends to expend its curriculum to include specific fields of study, related to the performing arts and media production, that is in line with our needs for highly skilled professionals to lead one of Egypt’s most important creative industries in the Middle East.

Product Design

This program allows students to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in a variety of topics associated with the expanding field of industrial design. In this hands-on class they will learn how products are designed and what it takes to bring a product to market.

Urban and Landscape Design

The Program will give an introduction to urban design with particular reference to its relationship to planning and how urban design can help provide sustainable environments.
The landscape design course allows students to focus on the aspect of garden design, construction or management. Specialists would be invited to transfer practical experience of problem solving in both fields as well as contemporary best practice.


This program should focus on filling the gap between theory and practice through a division of short courses tackling different range of architectural relate issues; concept design, Sketching, presentation, modelling.