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Typography is the heart and soul of any design. This course provides participants with a solid understanding of type and how to use it as a key element in any design. It covers the possibilities of typography, by combining it with other design elements such as illustrations and images. Through projects and guidance, participants are able to make the optimal usage of their data. They also learn how to use type in branding, advertising and different design needs.

What the course covers:

– Type classification.

– Typographic Principles (kerning, leading and counter forms).

– Type applications and organization.

– Type for design, Implementation and communication.

– Bilingual application for type.

– Type as an Image.

– Explore Manual typography design.

– Essential typography in branding.

Who this course is for:

Designers who want to include typography in their work

– Creatives who want to enhance their skills and use of typography

– Aspiring artists or professionals looking to make their work in typography standout

– Creative individuals interested in type fundamentals

– Those who believe that typography is an art worth mastering

– Calligraphers

– Students, undergraduates or graduates interested in the art of typography

– Individuals who would like to use type in branding and advertising


Hanzada ElBedewy:
Hanzada is a passionate graphic designer who has been working in the creative field for more than a decade. She graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Arts followed by her Masters in Applied Arts from Helwan University. Her work at the giants of branding and advertising has provided her with prolific knowledge of the designing styles and branding techniques in today’s market. She has produced designs for local and international entities, such as Conrad Hotel, BNP Bank and Kapci Coatings. Hanzada teaches Typography at the American University in Cairo. Teaching is her chance to share her years of expertise with future designers and influencers.

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12 sessions (26 hours)


2500 EGP


KEMET Studios, Greek Campus (Old AUC Building), Tahrir