Commencing with an introduction about the history of cinematography and early animation, this diploma aims to let students explore and experiment different mediums and forms of the animation industry via essentially learning the theoretical foundation and knowing how to apply it within modern
practices. With the focus on the “Principles of Animation” in theory and practice, the course will introduce and analyse various animation styles and techniques, as well as, providing a guidance to typical production procedures. The animation practices will support students to reach an end result of digital cut-out animation. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to make ideas come to life on screen, understanding workflows and processes of common methods of animation as well as how to
create the motion in animation that fits to their story.

Class Scheduling

Once a week (days depend on schedule)


14 weeks (14 sessions)


KEMET Art & Design Studios, Jameel building, The Greek Campus, Downtown Cairo.

Learning Objectives

Providing a professional diploma covering the core concepts and skills necessary to create short
animated films or motion graphic videos through a good theoretical base of the meaning of cinematography and animation.

Qualification Obtained

KEMET Diploma

Job Prospects

Some of the Jobs directly related to this diploma;

  • 2D animator
  • Character Designer
  • Motion graphic designer
  • Storyboard Designer
  • Producer
  • Art director
  • Director

Access to Further Studies

Using their outcome portfolios, students can apply to specialisation courses (e.g. digital painting, graphic design, advertising design typography design , infographics, videography, animation, illustration, UX/UI design, filmmaking, web design, branding), postgraduate courses or Masters

Course Content

Upon full registration, students will be issued a course pack of course guiding material and readings.

Course Language

The course material is in English. Class discussions will be held in both English and Arabic.

Qualifications required for enrolment

There are no prerequisites for this diploma.

Target Students

This Diploma is appropriate for those working or wishing to work in the video field, or for Adobe users wishing to expand their skills in video effects. This course covers the core concepts and skills
necessary to excel in motion graphics, animation and visual effects, as well as advanced approaches and techniques. After taking this class students will be able to create visual effects for use in web video and podcasts, broadcast television, and even film. If you are a graphic professional who wants to go
into motion design, this course is also for you.

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Every month


14 sessions – 14 weeks


6000 EGP


KEMET Art & Design Studios’, Jameel

Building, 2nd Floor, Greek Campus,