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Pursue your passion for shoes! This course invites you to be original and design your own! It takes you through the basics of shoe design, from the history and evolution of shoes to mood boards and color choice. It focuses on freehand sketches of the foot in different positions, of shoe lasts and the shoe itself. It also covers how to create a collection and a material card for design production. By the end of this workshop, you will have 6-10 different shoe designs along with their mood board.

What this workshop covers:

– Shoe design history and trends

– Foot morphology

– Technical drawing, sketching and illustration

– Color theory

– How to create a collection and build a portfolio

– End of course project

Who the workshop is for:

–    Anyone who has a passion for shoes

–    Anyone who wants to pursue a career in shoe design.

–    Creative individuals who want to explore the shoe design process

–    Creative talents who want to build their portfolios

–    Students intending to study graphic design

وصف الورشة

اتبع شغفك بفن تصميم الأحذية! ستتيح لك هذه الورشة فرصة التعبير عن ذاتك، وتشارك العالم إبداعاتك الخاصة!
ستتعرف على أساسياتتصميم الأحذية، من التاريخ، وتطور الصناعة وحتى الصيحات واختيار الألوان للتصميم.
ستركز الورشة على الرسم التخطيطي للقدم منزوايا عدة، وملاءمة الأحذية لها.
ستناقش الورشة أيضاً كيفية تصميم تشكيلتك الخاصة، وعمل مرفق الخامات لإنتاج تصاميمك.
.ستتمكن بنهاية الورشة من إكمال ٦-١٠ تصاميم بمرفقات خاماته

المواضيع التي تناقشها الورشة

-صيحات وتاريخ تصميم الأخذية.

-تشريح القدم.

-الرسم التخطيطي والتصميم المبدئي.

-نظرية الألوان.

-تصميم التشكيلات وبناء ملف الإبداعات الشخصي.

-العمل على المشروع النهائي للورشة.

لمن تقدم الورشة؟

-كل من لديهم شغف بالأحذية.

-كل من يريدون بدء مشوارهم العملي في مجال تصميم الأحذية.

-المبدعين ممن يريدون التعرف على عملية تصميم الأحذية.

-المبدعين ممن يريدون بناء ملف إبداعات شخصي.

-من ينوون دراسة مجال تصميم الجرافيك.


Amira Essa:

Amira Essa graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University with a bachelor’s in marketing and international business. A few years later, she travelled to Italy to pursue her passion for shoes, where she studied shoe design and making at the Academia Riaci in Florence. Since her return, Amira has earned a position as Egypt’s first in-store style advisor for a Spanish-based international brand. She hopes to pass on her love for shoes to eager learners and aspiring designers in the region.

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12 session (36 hrs)


3500 EGP


KEMET Studios, Greek Campus (Old AUC Building), Tahrir