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“The institutionalization of creativity explains why certain societies are able to productively organize creativity to solve society’s most pressing challenges and achieve progress, while others lag behind in spite of abundant creativity and a rich civilization.”

– 2012, UNIDO eBook

KEMET aims to be the first Arts and Design institute in Cairo and the Region that works on developing the creative industries through offering a well-designed process of upgrading the quality of education, notably creativity, design thinking and practical skills, ensuring that Egypt is able to compete more effectively within regional (and global) . We are aware that an undertaking of this complexity requires due diligence and care especially in the selection of our international academic partners, to ensure we meet our objectives.

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Educate. Innovate. Create

// Our Board Members

KEMET is an Art and Design institute established by interna­tionally recognized cultural and educational professionals, actively supporting educa­tion, capacity building and cultural awareness.

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