Drawing upon Egypt’s rich craftsmanship, visual, and artistic heritage, our goal is to establish an Arts and Design institute in Cairo which leads the development of education for Creative Industries in the region.


Enriched by both tradition and innovation, we plan to provide a unique integrated program which is built on traditional disciplines, but meets the future with a creative, career-focused educational experience that:

    • Equips graduates, post graduates, precollege and adults with creative innovation, practical skills and work experience.
    • Fosters career self-management and a practice of life-long learning with the ability to continually adapt, evolve and grow professionally.
    • Keeps with current changing demands and real world problem solving, through innovative partnerships with artists, creative industries, and business.
    • Anticipates and aligns with shifts in the global economy, society, and environment and the changing needs of the communities we serve.
    • Creates, encourages and organizes collaborations with prominent international organizations to broaden student and faculty perspectives to the ever changing trends in the world and increases their learning experience.