“KEMET” or simply “KMT”

“Egypt” was referred to as Kemet or simply Kmt, During the early period of Ancient Egypt , which means the Black land signifying it as “the (divine) place of the mound (of creation)” and the fertile black soil of the land after the Inundation. The name was chosen for its reference as Egypt’s name and its meaning as a symbol of fertility and creation

Upgrading The Quality of Education

Creativity, Design Thinking and Practical Skills

As the globalized digital world moves more and more towards a visual culture and the importance of design is apparent. It can be said that the MFA is the new MBA.

It’s time for a revolution in education that reflects our new reality and gives the new generation the necessary tools to survive it. Art and design are of critical importance to nurture innovation and problem solving. It’s time to prepare an educated work force with skills fit for the new economy, prepared to tackle not only the known, but also the unknown problems to face the current and future radical shifts in employment.

KEMET aims to be an institution simultaneously international and closely linked to the local community, actively supporting education, capacity building and cultural awareness.

We believe it is time to invest in Egypt’s educational and economic future by addressing the gap in visual and experiential education, through offering a well-designed process of upgrading the quality of education, notably creativity, design thinking and practical skills to meet real world practice and leading insightful change in society.

Our programs respond to a range of desired learning outcomes and learning needs of traditional and non-traditional. We offer a diverse schedule of events throughout the year, from certificate programs, short courses, precollege courses , and summer programs to seminars and workshops.