Kemet, D&AD Host Cairo’s Biggest Creative Event

For three consecutive days Cairo was lit up with Britain’s creative minds. Kemet art and design rose up to their promise and hosted the one and only D&AD for an exceptional marathon sponsored by Renault. Kit Altin, Alexandra Taylor, and Tom Evans flew all the way from east London to share the secrets of art direction, briefing as well as creative presenting and portfolio. Meanwhile, Cairo’s top advertising agencies battled to get their seats.

Over the course of three days, the creative crowd stretched their own limits and created a miniature of an international community.  According to the British experts, the experience along with the people leading the local industry has truly imprinted on them forever.

In celebration of this phenomenal bond that was built throughout the sessions, everyone headed to Four Seasons Nile City to network and mingle. The reception party was an intimate sum up of the ever so productive sessions.

During the night, the crowd took the concept of mingling on step further over the tasteful cocktails of Chivas. Meanwhile, the experts made sure to share an extra bit of information before heading back north.

D&AD event rollup welcome

“Egypt has a vast history of art, design and culture, which makes it an interesting place to learn from and work with,” Paul Drake

D&AD’s foundation director, Paul Drake, started the talks with a brief introduction about the entity’s newest program; New Blood. The international program aims to demolish boundaries and encourage new talents. Moreover, he gladly confirmed that the entity is set to come back for a new round of sessions next May.

Following, Taylor shared her series of misfortunate incidents that only lead to her best works. The renowned mind narrated her biggest stories of complete professional nightmares that turned out to be a reason for one extra award.

Next on stage, Evans introduced his latest startup that has managed to slightly stir him away from the advertising business. His project aims to aid new parents with a set of tech-savvy gadgets. Nonetheless, Evans stressed on the main factors that cater for the right ideas in order to help it prosper.

Before saying goodbye we made sure to mingle and get a quick talk with each and every one of the inspirational figures.

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Kit Altin explaining to attendees