Sketching & Drawing Course


Draw your imagination to life! This course will teach you the basic principles of drawing by hand, sketching, value, composition, perspective and anatomy. There will be a hands-on project for each one of the principles, where you will apply what you have learned. You will be introduced to shading techniques, still-life drawings, perspective principles and human proportion. You will then get a chance to express yourself in a final project that integrates all the principles you have learned.

Class Scheduling

Once or twice a week (days depend on scheduling)

Learning Objectives

You will gain the know-how to create successful and realistic drawings, while producing outlines and implementing on figure sketches. By the end of this course, you will have refined and exercised your realistic drawing abilities, while enriching your creative minds and enhancing your visual perceptions.

Topics Covered

  • Abstract shapes
  • Perspective
  • Anatomy
  • Complicated geometric shapes
  • Shading/ Lighting
  • Textures and etching techniques
  • Pencil embellishing techniques

Job Prospects

Some of the Jobs directly related to this course;

  • Comics designer
  • Illustrator
  • Children book illustrator
  • Character designer
  • Art director
  • Creative director
  • Storyboard designer
  • Animator
  • Art teacher

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10 sessions

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KEMET Art & Design Studios
Jameel Building, 2nd Floor
The Greek Campus, Down Town