Shoe Design Course


The specialized course aims to respond, in a practical, personalized and creative way, to the new challenges and needs that the shoe fashion sector presents. The course aims to provide students with the conceptualization of ideas through sketching & drawing.

Class Scheduling

Once or twice a week (days depend on scheduling).

Learning Objectives

This course takes its participants through the basics of shoe design, from the history and evolution of shoes to mood boards and colour choices. It focuses on freehand sketches of the foot in different positions, the lasts and the actual shoes. It also covers how to create a collection with mood boards, as by the end of this course, 6-12 different shoe designs along with their mood board should be ready to be presented.

Job Prospects

Some of the Jobs directly related to this course;

  • Shoe designer
  • Accessories designer
  • Product designer
  • Shoe merchandising
  • Footwear buyer

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